James Hyman’s Deep Emotional Release “MoneyWork” & Quantum-Theta Scams

!WARNING! This article is primarily a work of satire, parody and mockery, we hold up this sign for you!

James Hyman‘s Deep Emotional Release “MoneyWork” &  ”Quantum Theta” Ripoff

The Shamanic Shyster Himself, James Hyman

The Shamanic Shyster Himself, James Hyman

James Hyman the pseudoscientist, shamanic shyster, and alternative medicine health hustling woo meister wing nut of homeopathic quackery will help deeply, and emotionally release you, from YOUR MONEY!

• Have a Direct Physical and Emotional Experience WITH A MAN WHO WILL ACCESS YOUR WALLET!

• Have a Direct Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Experience of your own BROKENESS & PERSONAL COLLECTION AGENT after James Hyman happily hustles your MONEY!!

Not known for his “psychic intuition,” but definitely known for his intuition into how to rip you off, James Hyman has keen insight into just how much MONEY YOUR WILLING TO BE FLEECED FROM,

James Hyman is NOT uniquely qualified to do anything, except to help you breakthrough to: a new level and perception of POVERTY THAT is more closely aligned with your WELFARE STATE!

• What would your life feel like if there were NO MONEY?

• What is THE unlimited amount you’re willing to allow James Hyman to fleece?

During your private session, James Hyman will help you go to the deepest core of your WALLET, and identify and release whatever HE can get out of YOUR BANK ACOUNT.

James Hyman will identify and release every possible dollar you own, whether it be subconsciously or consciously, he doesn’t care as long as you PAY!

When you are done he will help you to resurrect and experience your natural state of BEING BROKE, WHILE HE TAKES YOUR MONEY INTO HIS OWN STATE OF happiness and bliss…..

 James Hyman just after “shamanically” shafting someone.

After releasing you from your cash, you will have such blocked energy and negative patterns YOU’ll WISH YOU WERE UNCONSCIOUS!

James Hyman helps HIMSELF connect with YOUR WALLET AND CREDIT CARD so he can FLEECE you as many times as you‘re foolish enough TO FALL FOR HIS SCAM!

James Hyman will leave you with a new awareness and higher states of BEING BROKE to achieve a new higher frequency of POVERTY!

James Hyman helps you to connect with your WALLET to see what your life would look and feel like, if you were even BROKER than you are now!

There are no limitations to how broke James Hyman is willing to allow you to be as long as James Hyman gets your money!

THERE ARE no limitations to what James Hyman is willing to do, to have a direct physical & emotional experience WITH YOUR MONEY so he can become more empowered and create A RICHER version of HIMSELF.

The results for James Hyman are nothing short of transformational, as in these times of fiscal austerity and financial crisis, who can get anyone to give them their money and deliver NOTHING?

On the other hand, the results for you are POVERTY like you’ve never experienced  before!

For James Hyman, healing occurs on many levels, for you just an EMPTY WALLET and for most people, life-changing, FINANCIAL DIFFICULTIES!

James Hyman will help himself  to:

YOUR WALLET, AND/OR YOUR CREDIT CARD, so he can FLEECE you as many times as you’re FOOLISH enough to fall for the SCAM…..

After working with James, people feel:

• More broke then they have since their mommy gave them a few pennies as a child to shut the fuck up and more connected to their LOCAL WELFARE OFFICE, to their emotions, and the WORST FEARS of THEIR LIVES.

• They don’t hold onto things, ESPECIALLY THEIR MONEY, James GETS THAT!

• They’re able to be present to all of their POVERTY CONSCIOUSNESS and their connection to SELF BROKENESS AND WELFARE STATE and their personal disempowerment.

• They’re able to enter more fully into the Present BROKE Moment and experience SADNESS AND DEPRESSION because James Hyman FLEECED them out of their hard earned MONEY and they got NOTHING BACK IN RETURN.

See, Look How Happy This Makes James:

These are the initial and continued benefits of the private session for James, for you NOTHING.

James Hyman’s “integrated system” of MONETARY release MONEY WORK and FLEECING OF THE WALLET, is ideal for anyone interested in BECOMING COMPLETELY BROKE and allowing James Hyman access to their wallets!

Working with Bullshit, the shamanic shyster of homeopathic hype, health hustling Hyman, will shake your chakras, milk your money, subjugate your subconscious, and “energy fields” in and around your body, until you wish you had never met “Jim” as he gently and effectively STEALS YOUR SAVINGS!

Through the release of the money in your wallet, James Hyman helps you have both new and old patterns of negative emotions, and breaks you through to new levels of BEING BROKE!

The release of you from your MONEY by James Hyman will leave you with fears, anxiety, anger, and both old and new residual negative emotions and patterns.

AFTER opening the gateways & ripping you off, James WILL unconditionally EMPTY YOUR WALLET.

THIS self-acceptance of being fleeced by James will lead you to a new connection to your personal COLLECTION AGENT and what you NEVER came here to do in this lifetime, BE BROKE!

After the session, you are NOT better able to access ANYTHING except the welfare office as you‘ll have NO MONEY left if James has his way he will FLEECE you at will.

You will not see your life move forward in the direction that you set forth because you will have been hustled by the shamanic shyster of hyping homeopathy, James Hyman!

In person, or telephone sessions with James Hyman are not very effective in helping you to deal more powerfully and contentedly with the everyday pressures of life, they are simply ways of James Hyman hustling you from your money.

James Hyman can’t help you to identify a fucking thing, he’ll just release you FROM YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY

James Hyman can’t help you to heal issues related to past relationships, he can’t even help himself heal from his own marriage and divorce, or even provide properly for his family, he’ll just HUSTLE YOU BLIND.

James Hyman can’t help you to increase physical energy, or stamina, unless you consider the exercise you get chasing him for a refund “stamina.”

James Hyman can’t help you to increase self-esteem and self-confidence, unless your more confident with an empty wallet.

James Hyman can’t help you relieve depression, insomnia, and the need for medication, as a matter of fact, just the opposite you‘ll be both DEPRESSED & NEED anti-depressants after your encounter with “James

How in the fucking world can James Hyman do any of that?

He’s a fucking unemployed musician for christ sakes, he hasn’t even paid any taxes for three years!

James Hyman can’t do a fucking thing except rip you off, because James Hyman has no advance degree in psychology, psychiatry, biology, physiology, chemistry, medicine OR  ANY ADVANCED EDUCATION WHATSOEVER!

James Hyman is 64 years old and still living in a monthly rental apartment in Culver City California, he doesn’t own a house, he doesn’t pay his taxes, he doesn’t even properly care for his own family, how in the fucking world is he going to help you?

He can’t even get out of his own way!

James Hyman will open your wallet, helping himself to every penny you‘re willing to let him access, both in person and in something he likes to call “transformational shamanic energy healing Skype sessions, yea, transformational for you as you‘ll be going broke and transformational for him, as he’ll have you’re MONEY without ever leaving the comfort of his two bedroom rental apartment in Culver City!

He’s transforming your money into his!


YES, James Hyman will open up your wallet and help himself to every fucking penny of yours you will allow him to “access” and stimulate himself in the process, quite an experience of awakening FOR James, as HE GETS ALL THE MOOLA!

James Hyman is no scientist in ANY field, not the Bullshit that pseudoscientists and alternative medicine health hustling wing nut woo meisters of quackery call energy healing nor anything else.

James Hyman will help deeply, and emotionally release you, from your money and will charge you up the ying yang for what he will call “transformational deep emotional release “bodywork” and ”energy healing

James Hyman has not studied a fucking thing except the guitar at an unaccredited trade school!

Don’t believe me?, ask him to show you his degree!

James Hyman has not mastered anything except 25 different systems of hustling poor, naive, desperate people from their hard earned pay!

James Hyman will deeply and emotionally release you of every dollar he can including your hard earned savings if your stupid enough to let him!!

James Hyman‘s ”work” helps you to identify and release EVERY DOLLAR HE POSSIBLY CAN LEAVING you WITH negative patterns from the body and the subconscious mind, associated with THE trauma caused by ever having met “James” in the first place!

Meeting James Hyman may very well be the most negative experience you‘ll ever have!

He also identifies and releases anyone else you may know of their hard earned money too, if you‘re stupid enough to let him near your phone book or hard drive!

You’ll experience the worst negative emotions and the worst negative feelings of your entire life if your foolish enough to allow James Hyman to do a “session” with “you.”

James Hyman continues the same patterns and disruptions he has since 1997 when James was first identified by the National Council Against Health Fraud (NCAHF) and leading health fraud victims advocates Jack Raso and Dr. Stephen Barret the founder of “Quackwatch” as practicing one of several “non-sensical and unnaturalistic methods” see: James Hyman “Quackwatch 1997 Unnaturalistic Method”

James Hyman helps you to activate your credit or debit card so he can get..PAID..PAID..PAID…

James Hyman has helped thousands of people go broke and not keep any balance whatsoever in their bank accounts!

James Hyman‘s thoughts and emotions, are on one thing, to open your wallet, credit cards and savings, to both him and his overbearing and over weight ex-wife and self anointed “practice manager” while they clear you from your savings!

James Hyman will rocka your chakra, taking you to the core of your savings, so he can access it like he did poor Juli up in Oregon!

Poor Juli still has emotional issues, from the time she travelled all the way down to James‘ rental apartment in Culver City hoping for a refund even a partial one, but instead…waited…and waited….and waited…

James Hyman meanwhile was helping OTHERS to release whatever MONEY TO HIM James Hyman could, by blocking them FROM COMMENTING ABOUT IT on the many many free portals on the web James Hyman utilizes by making sure ALL COMMENTS ARE “OFF” AT ALL THE TIMES

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to GO BROKE AND GET FLEECED BY A MODERN DAY SCAM ARTIST PULLING AN AGE OLD SCAM…YOU WON’t work with a gifted healer and master teacher, you’ll JUST GET RIPPED OFF!

James Hyman helps you identify and release every fucking dollar he can get his hands on, he’ll leave you with blocked energy, trauma and negative emotions, which helps you experience unconditional levels of poverty!

Don’t believe me?

Just email me and I’ll give you a list of people who have contacted me, like Juli, ever since I began debunking this new age Bullshit that pseudoscientists and alternative medicine hustling wing nut woo meisters of quackery like “fuckingJames Hyman call “energy healing!”

Yes, this “transformational bodywork and energy healing often results in spontaneous release of MONEY, MONEY, MONEY AND NOTHING ELSE (btw, did we say “Money”?)

These so called “ancient, and advanced techniques” of alternative medicine safely help you go broke and nothing else, they’re effective at this, and bring lasting financial consequences to you and you alone, until the hustler fleeces the next person, meanwhile here’s what “self anointed practice manager” and ex-wifey is doing:

The Happy Hustling, Hyping Hyman of Homeopathy

A master hustler and “shamanic shyster,” James Hyman is uniquely suited to relieve you from your hard earned money and never pay you back anything or even pay a penny in taxes, as he told me this past January in Florida, and I quote “I haven’t even filed a return in three years, but I’m not worried, I have big connections in D.C.”

Although we’ve not seen any evidence of this nor any of the other extraordinary claims James or his overbearing and overweight ex-wife (whom he still lives with because he can’t afford to live by himself) make, we’re still waiting……..

Look, perhaps there she is now, doing exactly what she does best, nothing, exactly like she did last January in Florida:

A “transformational Skype session with a pseudo-shaman,” what’ll they think of next?

James Hyman releases YOU FROM:

Your money, your credit, and even your home if he can talk you into mortgaging it to pay him, why not, he doesn’t have a home, why should you?

HE WILL LEAVE WITH NO MONEY, negative thoughts, unwanted behaviors, and blocked energy associated with HIM FLEECING YOU, YOU WILL HAVE BOTH CURRENT AND past trauma.






• Gain NOTHING EXCEPT new insight INTO BEING RIPPED OFF, and experience your life with no MONEY!

Deep Emotional Release alternative medicine health hustling woo wing nut homeopathic quackery like “James Hyman“ calls “energy healing,“ brings about not a fucking thing except for James Hyman and his ex-wife, Barbara, the hyping Hyman’s as your money will:




This “work” quickly helps to to achieve the desired goal, giving James Hyman and Barbara Weiner Hyman acces to your wallet while not doing a fucking thing for you!

However, the Hyman’s will experience:




After deeply and emotionally releasing you from your money they will also experience a profound, lasting sense of well-being and optimism and enjoyment of life!

Why not?

They’re designing their life WITH YOUR MONEY from a space of NO LIMITATIONS, (their monthly rental pad in Culver City California, easy to move in, easy to move out)!

Call now to reserve your time for your transformational,
MONEY RELIEVING session, workshop or retreat with James Hyman!

James Hyman is a master of Pseudoscience, a shamanic shyster, and alternative medicine woo meister & wing nut of homeopathic quackery who will help deeply, and emotionally release you, if he thinks it will help him achieve his goal, getting his hands on your money!

If not, he may just have to fess up, pay his taxes, and end up looking like this:


“Transformational, shamanic, emotional release energy healing session Skype sessions” with a pseudo-”shaman”, what WILL they fucking think up next?

I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried!

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3 Responses to James Hyman’s Deep Emotional Release “MoneyWork” & Quantum-Theta Scams

  1. T Phillips says:

    I recently received a response from Mr Hyman’s “Practice Manager” to my email wherein I suggested that their spell check program had mistakenly put the word “quantum” where it should have instead said “quack”:

    “I guess someone from Xxxxxxxx, N.Y. is so sophisticated that you know so much about Quantum Healng. I guess you’ve studied it, like James Hyman, who has not only studied it with masters and the person who developed Quantum Healing, but who himself is a Master Teacher and Healer who has studied and mastered over 25 different systems of energy healing.”

    “…you think you know so much about everything, including a field that we have been in for close to 30 years, with thousands of grateful, satisfied clients. Please do not continue to send me emails. I am not interested in your opinion, and request that you cease contacting me. I already have one lawsuit in the works against someone who is mailiciously libeling me and harrasing my family via the internet.”

    Pretty defensive if you ask me. I think someone needs to tell her that she suffers from “blocked emotional energy, old patterns and negative emotions.”

    So much for Hyman’s promise of “forgiveness, unconditional love, self-acceptance and a new connection to your core empowerment….”

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