James Hyman’s Quantum Quackery: Mind Control And Shamanic Shenanigans

James Hyman’s Quantum Quackery: Mind Control and Shamanic Shenanigans…

 Is this Hyman’s quantum delusion or his attempt at a nefarious and devious quantum illusion? 

 James Hyman’s methodology of manipulative management and mastery over his “ex-wife,” Barbara, is devious and nefarious but relatively simple.

 Hyman, you see is an unemployed guitarist and musician masquerading as a “shamanic

James Hyman: Unemployed Musician Cum New Age "Guru?"

James Hyman: Unemployed Musician Cum New Age "Guru?"

energy healer”

Well, this unemployed musician cum new age guru, has some tricks up his sleeve….

Hyman, has convinced his ex-wife, Barbara, to “give herself” over to him, and then in return, he acts as her “Shepherd” or “Discipler,” thereby gaining tremendous influence over her…

Every minute [of her life] must be “James-centered,” writing endless reviews of his “shamanic exploits” and “mastery” over everything from “qigong” to being the worlds “shamanic healer,” or it’s “shamanic poet,” and even our “shamanic composer.

These are all areas that are highly unregulated and in which the 64 year old musician has had no success whatsoever.

Hyman does however utilize this to convince “ex-wife Barbara” that he’s had a “vision.”

James Hyman's "Vision"
James Hyman’s “Vision”

He endlessly repeats the same domineering aphorism’s, which he  subtly refers to as “mantras,”

James Hyman's Incessant Mantras

James Hyman's Incessant "Mantra Chanting"?

This is how he stays true to his “shamanic silliness,” thereby draining Barbara into agreement by the appeal of “social pressure.”

He convinces her “his way” is the only way towards true “enlightenment” and by “psychological contagion,” saying that this is his “calling” thus persuading her that when she gives herself, she gives herself to the “vision.”

James Hyman's "Enlightenment"

James Hyman: A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To "Enlightenment?"

This allows Hyman his freedom, to continuously and endlessly fly around the country and even all over the world!

 In the past 24 months alone, Hyman has travelled to Chicago Illinois, Washington D.C., St. Louis Missouri, San Francisco California (three times), Sedona Arizona (twice), West Palm Beach, Ft. Lauderdale, Boca Raton, Ft. Pierce, Jupiter, Orlando, Tampa, Naples, Ft. Myers, Miami Beach and Cape Coral Florida numerous times, along with extensive travels throughout southern California as well as to Mexico and even Jamaica!

He makes plans to go anywhere and everywhere there may be “Mayan Temples” or other so called “shamans” with which he may “connect” in  ”developing” the “vision.”

Great work if you can get it, the only problem is, it’s not work and nobody is following, but James keeps leading.

 Meanwhile, ex-wife, Barbara, whom he divines as his self entitled “practice manager,” sits at home in their two bedroom rental apartment in Culver City California, shilling for her ex-husband, while James travels the world.


Yes, James Hyman has the means in this horrible economy to travel to literally dozens of cities on two continents, all while his ex-wife and young “home schooled” daughter, with whom he lives, stay in a monthly rental apartment, and oh, by the way, Hyman pays NO TAXES!

Yes, he told me this himself, when he was in Florida this past January!

I was told to “butt out” as “Jimmy has big connections in D.C.!”

James Hyman Pays No Taxes?
James Hyman Pays No Taxes?

Does this make any sense to you whatsoever?

Well, it doesn’t to me either, however, it’s relatively obvious why he continues to remain “aloof” while holding down his position of “ex-husband.

It thereby reduces him from any long term commitment towards financial responsibility or any other type of responsible behavior.

The reality of the fact is James Hyman has no degree in Medicine, psychology, psychiatry, chemistry, physiology or advanced education whatsoever, and his “vision” is simply his fraudulent attempt to piggyback off others, like his “ex-wife,” Barbara and even his “home schooled” young daughter!

The daughter is given no formal schooling or discipline, but James justifies it all by claiming she is the “heir apparent” to:

“Hyman’s Hilarious Homeopathic Health Hype and Hoax”

This is where James asserts his authority as “guru” by influencing Barbara to take up the call, claiming “young daughter” is going to be the “little chef” with her own “TV cooking show” on “Chakra Cuisine.”

The Little Chef?

The Little Chef?

Of course this is a non starter with the networks or even a local cable program or podcast, however, undeterred, Hyman continues the sham.

He does so in order to avoid any real work or getting a real job to support himself and his family.

James Hyman "Unemployed?"
James Hyman “Unemployed?”

Hyman told me himself in South Florida this past January of 2011 that he is currently three years behind on filing any tax return, either state or Federal.

This made me begin to wonder if his “shamanic shenanigans” should have reached the point long ago where the authorities had taken notice.

The state of California, who the Los Angeles Times estimates is 25 billion dollars in debt, and the IRS should be ready to call this “tax evasion” as opposed to “tax avoidance,” for as we all know, the revenue is sorely needed and everyone who earns, must file.

Yet Hyman extends the fraud, confident that the IRS and state of California will continue to be fooled by his “shamanic smokescreen.

James Hyman's "Shamanic Smokescreen?"

James Hyman's "Shamanic Smokescreen?"

James Hyman’s: “Shamanic Smokescreen?” 

As far as I’m concerned, and I believe in these times of fiscal austerity most Americans’ would agree, attention could be drawn to other tax cheats by making a point of calling him the “Shamanic Shyster!”

James Hyman: "Shamanic Shyster"

James Hyman: "Shamanic Shyster"

Perhaps the Feds could literally capitalize on the event and exercise some control over this so called “shamanic showman,” involved in “shamanic sneakiness,” and collect some sorely needed “new age notes” or perhaps some “crystal cash?”

The government should have long ago reached the point where they should deal with the fiscal crisis and people like Hyman and Snipes, with their endless sense of “entitlement” and “conspiracy theories.”

You should have heard him when he came to Florida in January 2011 during the “Undercover Sting Operation” as reported in “James Hyman Quantum Quackery? Undercover Investigation of Quantum Theta Energy Healer, James Hyman,  March 18, 2011 QuackWatch, Health Fraud Newsletter, Volume 39, Issue, 18.”

He went on and on about how 9-11 was a government “plot”

James Hyman's "Conspiracy Theories"

James Hyman's "Conspiracy Theories"

Lazy ne’er do well’s like Hyman and Snipes “tax” the system, ironically never paying any actual tax!

They wrongly see the government of having endless resources, thereby owing to their sense of “entitlement.”

Meanwhile, the rest of us file our returns and pay, year in and year out, footing our fair share of the bill.

By dealing with this utter nonsense once and for all, the government can put an and end to his”quantum delusion” or perhaps it’s Hyman and his ex-wife’s “quantum collusion?”

At the end of the day, don’t you have to ask yourself… “If it works, why do they have to call it Alternative?”

You know what they call alternative medicine that works?



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