James Hyman’s Quantum Quackery: Sedona’s Standard Shamanic Shenanigans, Or Medical Malpractice and Manipulative Mind Control?

James Hyman, the self-styled: “quantum theta energy healer” (1) and crystal crowd huckster may finally have painted himself into a corner.

Instead of answering some very serious questions, this past week Hyman went to that bastion of reality, Sedona Arizona to continue his Quantum Quackery by leading, along with RN Julie Rogers, their second federally unregulated and unlicensed “shamanic kidney cleanse” of the year. (2) (3) (4).

NOTE: (The FDA classifies colonic irrigation systems as Class III devices that cannot be legally marketed except for medically indicated colon cleansing such as before a radiologic endoscopic examination).

NO SYSTEM has been FEDERALLY APPROVED BY THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT for “routine” colon cleansing to promote the general well being of a patient.

However, Ms. Rogers states in numerous places on the Internet that she IS, in fact, an:

“I-ACT (i-act) Certified Colon Hydrotherpist (sic).

Knowing there is NO FEDERAL LICENSURE for colonic hydrotherapists we began researching Ms. Roger’s extraordinary “claims.”

THE RESULTS: Searching Google for “I-ACT Certified Colon Hydrotherapist” along with the term “quackery” brought 1 million hits and along with the term “scam” brought just under 1 and 1/2 million hits.

Following the hyping Hyman yields a treasure trove of “condescending quackery!”

Those interested in the results of our Google search for ”I-ACT Colon Hydrotherapist scams” can simply click here:

I-ACT Certified Colon Hydrotherapist Scams – Google Search

The results of our Google search on  ”I-ACT Certified Colon Hydrotherapist Quackery” are here:

I-ACT Certified Colon Hydrotherapist Quackery – Google Search

With THAT out of the way, we apologize and go back to our original topic:

Hyman and Rogers’ “shamanic kidney cleanses,” took place at Grace Grove, near Sedona Arizona. (2) (3) (30)

This is the same part of the country where James Hyman’s mentor and idle, another “self help guru,” ironically named James, James Arthur Ray, of “The Secret” fame, performed his “sweat lodge” ceremonies that resulted in three deaths and a conviction for Ray on three counts of negligent homicide.  (5) (8)

Sweat Lodge Death Investigation Turns to Self-Help Guru James Arthur Ray
Sweat Lodge Death Investigation Turns to Self-Help Guru James Arthur Ray

The more we learn the more we recognize that many questions, which appear to have gone unanswered, are perhaps answering themselves.

Expressions and messages like, “spiritual exercise, break through your limitations, power of positive thinking, and the law of attraction,” that self help gurus like Ray and Hyman are pushing seem too often to come from the same part of the country, either southern California, or Sedona, Arizona. (5) (6) (8) (30)

Are all these exploits that have occurred near Sedona, simply coincidence, or have ABC news and others who utilize the phrase the “new age Vatican” when describing Sedona stumbled onto something deeper? (8)

Hyman’s thinly veiled “shamanic smokescreen” may finally be lifted to reveal his quantum delusion’s a well planned quantum illusion.

James Hyman, A Well Planned Quantum Illusion?

Has this “shamanic shyster” of “homeopathic hilarity” inescapably reached the end of the line?

James Hyman: Shamanic Shyster?
James Hyman: Shamanic Shyster?

The 65-year-old unemployed musician cum new age guru whose “shameless shamanic showmanship” is promoted on his web site where it is called “deep emotional release bodywork and quantum theta energy healing” has been pushing his brand of quantum mysticism for far too long. (1) (28)

To examine this more closely we need to begin with Hyman’s methodology of madness and mastery of manipulative management over his “ex-wife” and self proclaimed “practice manager,” Barbara. (28)

Is this devious and nefarious story Hyman’s own “method of mind control,” or is it a relatively simplistic version of California new age marriage? (9) (10) (11)

To begin, it finds the 65-year-old Hyman, living with his 54-year-old “ex-wife,” and self anointed “practice manager” as well as his 11-year-old daughter in a monthly rental apartment in Culver City, California. (7) (28)

Unfortunately for Hyman, the more he hypes, the older he looks, and all the quantum quackery and shamanic smokescreens can’t change that:

James Hyman, He's 64! (And Looking Everyday Of It!)

James Hyman,When I’m 64! (Oh wait, that’s now!)

Is the title of “practice manager” and the fact she’s his “ex-wife” a simple slip of the tongue and coincidence or perhaps is it Hyman’s approach to relieving himself of the legal burden of “absence of malice and forethought?” (28)

Let’s examine this for a moment, shall we?

Hyman, the unemployed musician cum new age guru, continues to bill himself as a “shaman” a “healer” and the “founder” of both “Deep Emotional Release Bodywork” and something I laughingly refer to as “Integrated Quantum-Theta Healing.”

Dig these Scams, ughh Spam’s:

James Hyman Shaman       James Hyman Healer

James Hyman Founder Deep Emotional Release Bodywork

James Hyman Founder Quantum Theta Healing

For these “shamanic detox retreats” Hyman advertised that he was “facilitating the retreats” with “shamanic transformational breathwork,” “healing QiGong”  and channeling from the “5th Dimension!”

(I don’t know if he was talking about The 5th Dimension – The Musical Group, popular in the 60′s and 70′s with Marilyn McCoo and Billy Davis Jr, or, more than likely it’s just another hyping Hyman obfuscatory reference to quantum mechanics but this time peppered with terms from astrophysics, particles physics and 5th – Dimensional Space.

I literally found 1000′s upon 1000′s of links on the web where Hyman and his “practice manager ex-wife” try to spin this Quantum Quackery into sounding like actual theoretical physics or quantum mechanics!

Here, take a look at but a few:

James Hyman – Shamanic Kidney Cleanse and Healing Qigong

James Hyman’s Shamanic Transformational Breathwork

James Hyman Healing QiGong

James Hyman Channeling From The 5th Dimension 

Honestly, I couldn’t make this stuff up if you wanted to!

There are a number of things that really irks people interested in the actual sciences of  Quantum Mechanics,  Quantum Theory,  Theoretical Physics and the Mathematical Formulation of Quantum Mechanics, the main one being THE FACT THAT JAMES HYMAN HAS NO DEGREE IN MEDICINE, PSYCHOLOGY, PSYCHIATRY, CHEMISTRY, PHYSIOLOGY OR ADVANCED EDUCATION WHATSOEVER!

And of course, his continual obfuscation of the theories and postulates of the scientists whose minds helped create such advanced knowledge.

The root of the issue is his attempt to piggy-back on the success and legitimacy of science by claiming his quack ideas are rooted in accepted concepts of physics, combined with the utter misunderstanding of these concepts and a sense of wonder at the amazing magic these misunderstandings would imply if true.

Finally the fact that Hyman and his self professed “practice manager” and “ex-wife” Barbara spend SO MUCH TIME spamming every free portal on the world wide web with such utter nonsense that one wonders why they simply don’t spend the same time and “energy” getting a REAL JOB?

Included amongst other dubious claims for their “shamanic kidney cleanse and detox retreat” were the following: “colon cleansing,”  ”emotional healing,” an “Amethyst Bio Mat Healing Session,” and of course what none of us can do without, the “1 Hour in the Far Infrared Therapeutic Sauna and  1 Ionic Foot Spa Treatment!”

As previously mentioned, I couldn’t make this stuff up if I wanted to, here take a look for yourselves:

 James Hyman Shamanic Kidney Cleanse and Healing Qigong

James Hyman’s Shamanic Transformational Breathwork

James Hyman Healing QiGong

James Hyman Channeling From The 5th Dimension 

But this is not all parody and fun and games.

There are some serious problems and questions which arise.

For example, Hyman has convinced his “ex-wife Barbara,” to give herself over to him, and then in return, he acts as her “Shepherd” or “Discipler,” thereby gaining tremendous influence over her.  (9) (10) (11)

Becoming A "Discipler" Coincidence Or Conspiracy?

Becoming A “Discipler” Coincidence Or Cunning Conspiracy?

Every minute [of her life] must be “James-centered,” writing endless reviews of his “shamanic exploits” and “mastery” over everything from “qigong” to being the worlds “shamanic healer,” or it’s “shamanic poet,” and even our “shamanic composer.”  (1)  (9) (10 – 17)

These are all areas that are highly unregulated and in which the 65-year-old musician has had no success whatsoever.

Hyman does however utilize all of this to convince “ex-wife Barbara” that he, like James Arthur Ray, has a “vision.” (1) (5) (6) (7) (8)

He endlessly repeats the same domineering aphorisms, which he subtly refers to as “mantras,” staying true to his “shamanic silliness,” thereby draining Barbara into agreement by the appeal of “social pressure.” (6) (9 – 11)

He convinces her via “psychological contagion,” that “his way” is the only way towards true “enlightenment” and saying this is his “calling,” thus persuading her that when she gives herself, she gives herself to the “vision.”  (9 – 11)

Psychological Contagion: Myth Or Manipulative Mind Control?

Psychological Contagion: New Age Mysticism Or Manipulative Mind Control?

The field of psychology, relating to coercive persuasion, mind control and brain washing has been well documented by numerous academics. (9 – 11)

However, this doesn’t stop Hyman, perhaps he knows that ex-wife Barbara and little 11-year-old-daughter are too naïve to be aware of these numerous psychologically documented cases.(9 – 11)

Either way, this allows Hyman the freedom, to continuously and endlessly fly around the country and even all over the world! (12 -17)

In the past 24 months alone, Hyman has travelled to Chicago Illinois, Washington D.C., St. Louis Missouri, San Francisco California (three times) and Sedona Arizona (twice).

Expeditions throughout Florida include numerous trips to West Palm Beach, Ft. Lauderdale, Boca Raton, Ft. Pierce, Jupiter, Orlando, Tampa, Naples, Ft. Myers, Miami Beach and Cape Coral.

All this coupled with extensive journeys throughout southern California and globe trotting trips to Mexico and even Jamaica! (12 – 17).

He makes plans to go anywhere and everywhere there may be “Mayan Temples” or other so called “shamans” with which he may “connect” in  ”developing” the “vision.” (9 -11)  (12 – 17)

James Hyman's "Vision" A Freeloaders Method?

James Hyman’s “Vision” A Freeloaders Method?

Great work if you can get it, the only problem is, it’s not work and nobody is following, but James keeps leading.

Meanwhile, ex-wife, Barbara, whom he divines as his self-entitled “practice manager,” sits at home in their two bedroom rental apartment in Culver City California, shilling for her ex-husband, while James travels the world. (6) (12 – 17) (28)


Yes, James Hyman has the means in this horrible economy to travel to literally dozens of cities on two continents, all while his ex-wife and 11-year-old daughter, with whom he lives, stay in a monthly rental apartment, and oh, by the way, Hyman pays NO TAXES! (7)

Does this make any sense to you whatsoever?

Well, it doesn’t to us either, however, we believe it’s relatively obvious why he continues to remain “aloof” while holding down his position of “ex-husband.”

It thereby reduces him from any long-term commitment towards financial responsibility or any other type of responsible behavior.

The reality of the fact is James Hyman has no degree(s) in Medicine, psychology, psychiatry, chemistry, physiology or advanced education whatsoever, and his “vision” is simply his fraudulent attempt to piggyback off others, like his “ex-wife,” Barbara and even his own 11-year-old daughter. (28)

The 11-year-old- daughter is given no formal schooling or discipline, but James justifies it all by claiming she is the “heir apparent” to “Hyman’s Hilarious Homeopathic Hoax.” (6)

This is where James asserts his authority as “guru” by influencing Barbara to take up the call, claiming the 11-year-old-daughter is going to be the “little chef” with her own “TV cooking show” on “Chakra Cuisine.” (7) (9 -12)

Of course this is a non-starter with the networks or even a local cable program or podcast, however, undeterred, Hyman keeps on hyping!

Perhaps  he does so in order to avoid any real work or getting a real job to support himself and his family.

Currently three years behind on filing any tax return, either state or Federal, his “shamanic shenanigans” should have reached the point long ago where the authorities had taken notice. (7)

The state of California, who the Los Angeles Times estimates to be 25 billion dollars in debt, and the IRS should be ready to call this “tax evasion” as opposed to “tax avoidance,” for as we all know, the revenue is sorely needed and everyone who earns, must file. (29)

Yet Hyman extends the scam, confident that the IRS and state of California will continue to be fooled by his “shamanic smokescreen.”

They’ve put Wesley Snipes in jail, why not James Hyman? (20) (25) (26) (27).

Wesley Snipes Jailed

Wesley Snipes: Jailed!

I believe in these times of fiscal austerity that most Americans’ would agree that attention could be drawn to other tax cheats by making a point of calling him the “shamanic shyster” and publicly taking him into custody.

Perhaps the Feds could literally capitalize on the event and exercise some control over other “shamanic showman,” involved in “shamanic sneakiness,” and collect some sorely needed “new age notes” or “crystal cash.”

The government has reached the point where they must deal with the fiscal crisis and people like Hyman and Snipes, with their sense of “entitlement” and endless “conspiracy theories.”

They tax system that they see as having endless resources, IRONICALLY NEVER PAYING ANY ACTUAL TAX, while the rest of us file our returns and pay, year in and year out, footing our fair share of the bill.

By dealing with this utter nonsense once and for all, the government can put an and end to this “quantum delusion” or more succinctly put this “quantum collusion.”

At the end of the day, don’t you have to ask yourself: “If it works, why do they have to call it Alternative?”

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